Rob Nickels


Rob Nickels is a motion designer/editor/photographer based in Denver, Colorado and is available for freelance or hire.

Studying art from a young age Rob first attended St. Clair Secondary in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada as a teen where he was introduced to a diverse range of art making. Attending the University of Tulsa on a track and field scholarship, he later graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and Film.

Rob benefited from studying and practicing both fine art and design for many years and has been able to develop a well rounded and versatile knowledge of the visual language which has lead to the production of commercial and non commercial projects in film, design, illustration and motion design/animation.

Whilst he doesn’t especially enjoy writing in the third person, he would love to hear from you about any projects or ideas you think would be suitable for him, so please don’t hesitate to contact him.


Adobe After Effects
Cinema 4D
Adobe Premiere
Final Cut Pro
Davinci Resolve
Sega Genesis 32x
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
RED Epic
Internet Explorer 6
Kessler Products
Red Rock Products