2014 Carnivale Masquerade Ball

I was hired by Talmadge Powell Creative to create two videos to showcase their event for the Mental Health Association of Tulsa called Carnivale. This was the 25th year of the event and they wanted to capture something special.

See the Videos below:


What did I have to deliver? 

1) A behind the scenes promotional piece advertising the event

2) A reel of the event itself and a look behind the scenes of the event itself.

What was the turnaround?

 1) I produced the first video in one day with revisions on the second day it was on facebook in less than a week and gained a massive amount of views before the event which broke every attendance record and donation record they previously held.

2) The second video took one day to do and was on facebook the following day, after a small revision in the morning.

What Did I Use?

I handled everything on my own for both videos (no extra people I had to hire). I used one Canon 5D and one Canon 7D. I had two lights for the first shoot and one light for the second shoot. I had an audio recorder and a mic stand to capture the audio. For the second shoot I had a jib that worked really nicely with the action of the event and then used a shoulder mount for the handheld stuff. The handheld footage was shot with the Canon 70-200mm 2.8 lens and the jib shots were shot with my brand new Sigma 18-35mm lens which is great for the low lighting conditions you are going to see at events like this.

Canon 70-200 lens I used for the hand held shots

Sigma lens I used on the jib shots

Kessler Crane Jib I use

Shoulder Mount I use

Canon 5D Mark II

 What did I Learn? 

Shoot for the edit with events. You know you only need a couple seconds at most of each angle so you have to look for moments and then move on once you get them. The jib was a huge plus on a shoot like this as it adds so much and increases the scale of the event you are shooting – which advertises the client and makes them happy. You need two cameras to really capture these moments quickly. I kept one camera on the jib the entire event and the other camera on my shoulder mount.


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